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Baby Bash Makes the Girls Go
12/10/10 - exclusive interview by Dante


Baby Bash interview picture

Ladies love Ronnie Ray Bryant, better known to hip hop heads across the world as Baby Bash.  To show love back, Bash has released his first single "Go Girl" from his upcoming album "Welcome to Bash Town."  He has also released a popular energy drink for the ladies, with part of the proceeds going to women's charities.  Bash spoke to LatinRapper about his upcoming CD, his hot new radio show, and how to make it in the Hip Hop game in this exclusive interview. Tell us about this new single you've got, Go Girl.


My boy C-Ballin ran through some beats, I went through some beats.  When I heard that beat, I automatically knew off top.  I said I'mma call E-40, I'm gonna get the girls on the dance floor with this, and make them go.  So it turned into Go Girl. It came out, I'm extremely happy with it.  When I first heard the beat, I just had the whole vision of the video and everything.  It all came out the way I wanted it.  Slappin'.

It seems like this is the first single you've dropped in a minute that has an unmistakable Bay Area vibe to it, compared to singles like Cyclone. What made you go that route?


I never really picked out the feel of a record.  From Suga Suga, to Baby I'm Back, to What is It, to Cyclone, it always seemed like a different type, almost like different people.  Some people would ask, 'damn bash, I didn't know you sing that song too, I forgot that was you too,' cause they're always so different.  I just think this is another case of that, of me hitting another angle, an angle I never hit yet.  It just turned out to work, I just hit every angle. 


Suga Suga was one angle, Cyclone was another angle, Baby I'm Back was one angle.  I've always been a fan of them records like the Vans record, or the Tell Me When to Go record, I've always been a fan of them type of songs.  So it was cool to do one, you know?  

I understand that you also have an energy drink for women named after the song, right?


Yeah, apparently there's a lot of Go Girls out here, a lot more than I expected (laughs).  Know what I'm saying?  I love the ladies.  The Go Girl drink just happened to be a good platform.  You can drink some of that, go to the club and get your Go Girl on.

I like that part of the sales goes towards breast cancer and ovarian cancer research for women.


That's always a plus.  Breast cancer, people lose their mothers and sisters 'cause of that.  So, always good to help out a cause like that, and a perfect song to help.

The ladies love them some Ronnie Ray. For the ladies reading, is Bash still an eligible bachelor?


I'm married to my career.  So I'm basically married to my career, I'll never cheat on her.  But I'm on the scene, moving mean.  I'm on the dating scene, so it's all good.

Your new album, Bash Town is supposed to drop in 2011. What can you tell us about it?


March 1st, Welcome to Bash Town comes out.  I'm a songwriter first, by nature I'm a songwriter, so it's all about creating a song.  I've always told you, I don't care about being Mr. rapper dude, but I just care about creating a whole song.  And this whole album, Bash Town, it's going to be nothing but bashes.  When I say bash, I mean party.  Nothing but partying, having some fun, some feel good music.  I've got a joint with Lloyd that's smacking, me and Lloyd got a cool song.


Jim Jonsin production, Happy Perez production.  I also got a couple more West Coast artists.  I'm a big fan of J-Rock, who's coming up.  Big fan of Cheka.  Fresh SPM, South Park Mexican verse.  Which is gonna be so dope, 'cause he aint dropped nothing in a minute.  So I got a brand new SPM, which he shot out to me from his vacation spot.  It's almost like a mixture of Texas and California.  'Cause that's really what I am, a mix of Texas flavor and California flavor, rolled up into one big pot of menudo.

Sounds like it's gonna be a hot album.


Yeah, it's gonna be nice, gonna be great.  For my old school Baby Beesh fans, it's gonna be hittin'.  For all the fine ladies that like to get their party on, it's gonna be hittin'.  Something for everybody.

Do you have any tour plans once the album drops?


It seems like I've been touring since 2002, 2003.  Feels like I been nonstop touring.  Yeah, I got dates all the time.  I'm pretty sure I'll put together another tour for the Bash Town album.  E-40 wants to go on the road, Slim Thug wants to go on the road with me, so we'll try figure something out.

The big news for December, I understand that you're hosting a radio show in the Bay. What can you tell me about it?


Yeah, WILD 94.9, the biggest station in the Bay Area.  A slot just opened 'cause one of the air personalities had to leave for a month.  The program director asked me.  Everybody knows that I love to do radio, everybody knows that's what I want to do after music is radio.  He said hey, if you're gonna come out to the Bay Area and see some of your fam for the holiday, won't you come jump on the air?  I jumped on it, this is my first week and it turned out dope, man.  It's even bigger than I thought.


Where can people tune in?


It is WILD 94.9.


Does the website have streaming audio of your show?


Yessir.  From 10-3. 

Our featured artist this month, The Kid Rated R, is also from the Bay. For artists like that, still under the radar, what is the single best piece of advice you can give them about the hip hop industry?


There are a couple of pieces.  In any genre of music, you have to make hits, first of all.  Second of all, in hip hop you almost have to create your buzz almost manually.  You have to get there, and kick those shows, try to get people to feel you off top.  Get out there and touch everybody.  I've got to shake hands, kiss babies, get your politic on.  Of course, make a hit would be your bottom line, but you gotta keep on politickin. 


I've always stayed humble, I believe in staying humble.  Hip Hop the culture pushes a lot of cockiness, which is cool, people do that.  But me personally, I've always stayed humble, I think that helped my career.  Being humble is always good, and staying on your humble hustle.  I'm always on my humble hustle. 


Get in there and network.  Work with different artists from different cities and states.  Don't just stay locked down in your area, only your area sounds.  What I did, I ventured out, mixed different sounds together and created my own sound. 


You mention being on the grind and doing shows.  Was there a period that you had to go through doing shows at empty clubs?


Earlier in my career, before Suga Suga, before I got more mainstream, yeah.  When you're coming up, it was kind of nerve wracking.  Sometimes it was hella butt naked, hella weak, but I've had a nice round the last six, seven years.  I try to pick and choose my shows now, I got room to pick and choose a little bit.  So I can figure out how to promote it. 


But for the unsigned guy without a single like you, they should just stick it out.


Yeah, yeah.  Take what you can get, and just be heard.  Self-promotion is one of the best promotions.  Whether it be ten people, or a thousand people, you gotta go hard every time.  So that those ten people can tell ten people, and their ten people can tell ten people, you know. 

Anything else you want to mention to your fans?


For all my social networks, you can go to, holla at your boy.  I've had a nice journey, nice career, I want to thank everybody that's had my back.  I still make that fly music for everybody, that's what I do, that's what I'mma continue to do.


Much love, stay blessed, have a happy holiday.  Be ready for that Bash Town.  I'mma surprise some people, so be ready for that Bash Town.

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