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Chicano rap


Chicano Rap is a subgenre of Rap music as well as Latin Hip Hop. It's performers are typically American rappers in the United States West Coast, Southwest and Midwest, with artists usually of Mexican-American / Chicano descent.


Chicano-related interviews below, visit the exclusive interviews page to see all of our features with different Latin Hip Hop artists.




Cuete Yeska

Khool Aid


Lil Rob 2nd Interview


Sinful of The Mexicanz

Lil Rob

Mister Cartoon





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Chicano rap artists include 5th Battalion Another Latin Timebomb Aztec Tribe Aztlan Nation Brownside Brown Town Looters Central Coast Clique and Conejo.

Other artists are Delinquent Habits Earthquake Institute Kinto Sol Kid Frost Knight Owl Funky Aztecs Latino Velvet Lil Rob Latin Frozz Cuete and Mr. Shadow.

Popular Xicano rappers are Darkroom Familia Spanky Loco n2deep Proper Dos Slow Pain South Park Mexican SPM Spanish Fly and Wicked Minds.