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Interview with Chingo Bling
6/22/04 - exclusive interview by Dante

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picture of rapper Chingo Bling

Last year Chingo Bling recorded the video for "What Did He Said" and tracks for several mixtapes. The accented rapping and comedic twist may have been interpreted as a temporary gimmick by some outside of Texas, but that was before Chingo recently hit Billboard's Top 100 Rap albums chart with his latest release "The Tamale Kingpin". Collaborations with artists like Baby Bash and a variety of Gulf South and Southwest rappers have made The Tamale Kingpin a legit album, a throwback to the Biz Markie days when rap was actually fun.

Between promotional tour events, Chingo stopped to answer a few questions from Will the Chingo on "Tamale Kingpin" be the same one from "Air Chingo: The Mextape" or will it be a new sound?

The Tamale Kingpin is out and we maded Billbord topp 100 Rap Sharts...Por Favor Believe It!!!!! Air Chingo was just a mextape that I try to keep raw and for the moment what I was doin at the time, ju know pimpin' hoes on tour, gettin' all the viejas. The tamale kingpin was a real album with orichinal beats and quality studio y todo el pedo, tu sabes big baller style wey!!! Muy chingon!! OOOIII!!!!!!!


What have you been up to lately?

I'm gettin' offers to endorse Beer Companys, a deal for my own rims, and alot of other chit. So be on the lookout. I talked to Robert Redford about doin' a remake of an old clasic film con Ron Jeremy y la Britney Spears.


I been on tour alot con el Lowrider magazine and promotin' all our projects: Manosas part 3 DVD, Fade Dogg: Captain Slap-A-Hoe da album, The Tamale Cartel da album, and of course the best website on both sides of the border:

Where are you originally from?

Well due to incidents with la Migra I chouldn't u guys work for them o que? However I have been known to kick it in the Strip Clubs de Valle Hermoso, Tamaulipas.

What makes Chingo happy?

Dymes, Viejas, Moneys, ju know the simple things in life.

Who makes the best flan?

ther's a shinese buffet aqui por la casa that has some off the shain Flan, even though I prefer tres leches over any pinche dessert.

What's your favorite city to perform live in, and why?

That's a tuff question, I like doin' Houston where I live pero it's nice to travel and see new places with nice wether and great biejas like Tokyo for example. We're world wide, culeros!

If you were only allowed to bring one CD with you for the road while on tour, what would it be?

Beto Quintanilla greatest hits screwed n chopped.

Chingo on Survivor Island: first to get booted, or would win it all?

Wait is that the chow where they make them eat frogs and chit? Or is that the Fear factors? Well if the viejas are good i'll stay on the island pero if there's no viejas and cock fights and strip clubs then get me outta there!!! Even Gilligan had ginger and that other babosa.

What does Chingo wear to the club?

Man it depends on the mood ju know? It could be an ostrich throwback or even a trensh coat. Minks are cool as long as ju stand out, get the viejas, and its customized from head to toe, like my ostrich boots con el swoosh or my big belt buckle.

What's your secret to making tamales?

its a secret. but if ju need an answer not even my tamale ladies could tell u because they are blind folded and naked when they make em, they can't steal any ingredients and they can't see what they're puttin in. it's hard for them to do it but it looks great and it tastes good too.

Salma Hayek or J-Lo?
neither...been there done that... I want some new torta!!!!!

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