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Pitbull Becomes Official Spokesman for Voli Vodka
3/23/11 - news / Dream Team Agency release


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Pitbull promotes Voli Light Vodka

The Voli Light Vodka line, the first to create a low-calorie vodka, and international artist Pitbull are pleased to announce their association. 


Armando Christian Prez is the new shareholder of the brand, official spokesman and ambassador of Voli Light Vodka.


Voli Light vodkas, available in five delicious flavor mixes,  are the only quality vodkas made low-calorie.  Voli Light vodkas also contain electrolytes.  They are produced in the Cognac region of France, from the finest French wheat, pure water, and natural flavors.  The process involves distilling the vodka five times, and filtering it four times.


Pitbull is one of the most talented and dynamic artists in the music industry, and for that reason they have given him the nickname Mr. Worldwide.  His hits "I Know You Want Me," "Bon Bon," Hey Baby" and his explosive collaborations with Enrique Iglesias, Jennifer Lopez, Usher, and Ne-Yo among others has made Pitbull one of the most active and renown artists in the world.


Pitbull's pop culture influence on social networks, radio and television is practically unrivaled.  Pitbull has over five million fans on Facebook, hundreds of thousands on Twitter, and 400 million Youtube views, making him the third most watched artist after Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber.  His songs have been played over 100 millions times on Myspace.  The singer also makes frequent appearances on TV channels across the world.


With Pitbull on board, Voli enters the general and Hispanic market like no other brand before them. 


"I'm really moved to associate with Voli Light Vodka, to be a majority shareholder in this incredible brand," said the singer and businessman.  "Apart from being pioneers in a new category, Voli Light Vodka is the smoothest and most delicious drink that I've had, and because of that I've decided to partner with them.  I'm moved to see that this brand grows, and that I can be part of that success."


"We're enchanted to welcome Armando as a member of the Voli family," said Voli CEO Adam Kamenstein.  "No other artist contributes more energy, talent and creativity to everything that he does.  Pitbull and the Voli brand are exploding because now is the perfect moment to unite forces.  Pitbull's love for Voli Light Vodkas is authentic and organic, and will help maintain a shining a spotlight on Voli vodkas as the leader in delicious, low-calorie vodkas.  


Voli Light Vodkas are available in all main markets of the United States, and will be available throughout the entire country in Autumn of 2011.  Voli Light Vodkas are imported by Palm Bay International in Port Washington, New York, and is headquarterd in Los Angeles, California.


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