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Prince Royce Internet Leaked Songs Not to Appear on Album
January 11, 2012 at 4:39 PM EST - news / Digital Girl


Prince Royce las cosas pequenas

This week a number of old demos belonging to Prince Royce were leaked through the internet, with tracks being presented as songs from his upcoming album "Phase II" (due out April 10, 2012).


The demos leaked without authorization are several years old and do not represent any of the material Prince Royce has recorded for his upcoming albums.

The responsible party for the leak has been sent a cease and desist order from the record label's attorneys.

Prince Royce is gearing up to make a big impact on Latin radio with the release of "Las Cosas Pequeñas" ("The Little Things") the highly anticipated first single from his second bachata álbum "Phase II", which drops on April 10th.


Watch the video for "Las Cosas Pequeñas" below:


Prince Royce official website:

Prince Royce on Facebook:

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Prince Royce on Twitter:!/PlanetRoyce


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