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Prince Royce Phase II Album Review

Review date: April 14, 2012 at 2:45 PM EST

Release date: April 10, 2012 by Atlantic Music

Review by Compay for


Prince Royce Phase II album review

Phase II is the sophomore effort by Bronx Dominicano Prince Royce.  His self-titled first album was stuffed with hit singles, and racked up so many awards that it seemed difficult for Royce to deliver a second album of equal quality. 


The good news for anxious fans is that Phase II is indeed a terrific follow-up.

The first taste that bachata fans got of Phase II was its lead single "Las Cosas Pequeñas," which is trademark Royce.  Great Bachata instrumentation with simple but meaningful lyrics, the song is a tribute to Royce's appreciation of the valuable little things about a woman.


The song stays true to the roots of his past songs like "Corazón Sin Cara" from his first album; appreciating a woman for more than what's on the outside. It's easily the best song of Phase II, and a great introduction to Royce for new fans.

That's not to say that the other canciones on this album don't come as strong as the hit singles from his first effort.  One of the most interesting surprises of Phase II is "Incondicional," which kicks off with a real Mariachi vibe before it picks up a few traditional Bachata sounds.  Even a grito gets tossed in, a small salute to Royce's fans in Mexico.

One of the better songs of Phase II is "Addicted," in which Royce sings in English over a Juan Luis Guerra style acoustic guitar melody.  What makes this a terrific inclusion is that by keeping the music toned down, Royce is allowed to let his voice to shine.  While the lyrics themselves are fairly simple, it's nonetheless a moving performance by the dimpled cantante.

On the other hand, Spanglish Pop songs like "It's My Time" are fun, yet they don't offer Royce the opportunity to really flex his vocal talents.  Because he has a great voice, Royce simply doesn't require the audio effects that were used for this track.  Other songs outside of the realm of traditional Bachata such as the English language "Close to You" seem to suggest the possibility that Royce will one day drop an English-only crossover album.


Women are certainly going to enjoy "Dulce," the standout song on Phase II.  Prince Royce gives a nod towards strong, single mothers with the song, telling them to keep their heads above water during the struggle.  The track is available on Phase II as both a traditional Bachata song, but also a piano version without any Latin music styling.

Pa' los hombres: take notes. It's easy to see why las mujeres les gustan a Royce; he says all the right things that we should be saying to our ladies.  Phase II is brimming with meaningful lyrics, solid production, and the amazing singing that made Royce a household name in Tropical music.  If you're a Bachata fan, this is an album you need to add to your collection.





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