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Vida Guerra: Dangerous Curves Ahead
6/9/06 - exclusive interview by Dante


Vida Guerra, the voluptuous Latin model turned music artist, appears nude for the first time in a provocative 10-page pictorial in Playboy’s July issue (on newsstands and at Friday, June 9).


Born in Havana, Cuba and raised in Perth Amboy, New Jersey, Vida was working as a mortgage broker when a boyfriend submitted her photos to a men’s magazine for their amateur contest. The publication ran a single shot of Vida, prompting an avalanche of reader mail and a demand for more photos.

Vida’s modeling career instantly took off, she has since made countless appearances in magazines, The Chappelle Show, and music videos for Nelly and Frankie J. We speak with Vida about her upcoming album, new films, and the new pictorial in this exclusive interview. Big news first, the Playboy pictorial comes out today. How long had they been pitching themselves to you before you agreed to do a feature with them?

That was the third time.

How long has it been since the first time they asked you?

A year and a half.

What changed between then and now?

Basically my phone was hacked into. They had some of my pictures, and they put in other pictures that weren't mine, in the nude.

So you wanted to set everything straight?


You've done some risqué stuff before, but this was your first time doing a nude pictorial, were you comfortable with that?

I was a little nervous, by the end of the day I was comfortable (laughs)

Were you at all worried that doing a nude pictorial would take away some of the mystique from your future modeling?

No, not at all.

As far as other work, you're doing a film this summer, right?

I have a film coming out this summer, and I'm doing another film this summer. It's called Rhythm. I'm filming it this summer, I haven't filmed it yet.

Anything about the movie?

The moving coming out in August, its a National Lampoon's movie, its called "Dorm Daze 2". Then I also have a mobile TV show coming out on the 16th of June through, they can get that if they have a mobile phone. Its like a makeover show.

Are you hosting it?

I'm host of the show. Its basically like men nominate their women to be a model, and see if they have what it takes to model. So I get their hair and makeup done, I take them and do a photo shoot, I give them some pointers. They walk a pink carpet, someone wins at the end. Its pretty good, its the first Mobile TV show in LA. They signed on Cedric the Entertainer, Bernie Mac to do their own, but mine is the first, pretty cool.

They have to download a program to their phone?

You have to have mobile TV to watch the show.

So does this mean you're taking a proactive move towards acting?

Yeah, that was the ultimate goal, the modeling is just a stepping stone.

Does this mean that we're not going to see you in any more Hip Hop videos?

The video that you're going to see me in is my own video, because I have my album coming out September.

Can you tell us a little bit about the new album?

The album is R&B and Hip Hop with songs, some singing, I have a flow to it. I have Paul Wall, Ginuwine, Mike Jones, Sean Paul, all featured. Its coming out in September, its called "Theme Park", everyone should go out and get it and support.

So are you mostly singing or rapping?

Its both.

Do you already have a single recorded?

I have a single recorded, its gonna be with Paul Wall called "Cut it Up."

When can people hear the single on radio?

Soon, Paul Wall was finishing up his portion of it. They have to get it mixed and mastered, copies made. I don't even know the time length on that, within a month.

Are you shooting a video for it?

Yeah, we're shooting a video probably in a couple of weeks.

One of's contributors is from Perth Amboy, from what I understand you're going to be staying out West now?

I live in Los Angeles.

So no more New Jersey?

I still have a place in New Jersey, I go back to visit my friends and family. The work is out here, this is where I have to be.

From now on, you're just doing the music and movies, the modeling thing is going to take a backseat?

Its not taking a backseat. In the entertainment field, everything kind of coincides with everything. When you're promoting an album, promoting a movie, you have to do magazine covers, photo shoots, its all the same thing.

For the guys out there that think that they may have a shot, are you single at the moment?

I am definitely single. I'm looking for Mr. Right.

So if a guy sees you at a club or the grocery store, how should he approach you?

Just cool, calm and collective (laughs).

There's no hidden secret?

I don't even know. Sometimes its there, sometimes its not, you know what I'm saying. Its just their aura and the way they approach me.

For all the guys reading, any advice for things they don't know about approaching women that they need to take into consideration?

Mystery is always good. Keep a person guessing. I see that a lot of girls kind of gravitate towards men that... the man can have their intentions as to want to talk to the girl, but they play it cool, really nice, and just walk away. The girl's so used to getting hit on by many men, and then this one's not hitting on her, so they start asking us, 'okay?'. That's a tip for men.

Do you find that the figure, the look intimidates men?

I don't know. I'm not sure (laughs)

You don't think guys are afraid to approach you?

I'm pretty approachable, people always approach me.

Do you think your looks will have any effect on your music, people being distracted by your appearance than the sound?

No, because look at Beyonce, she's beautiful, Jennifer Lopez, she's beautiful, you know.

Beyonce started out as a singer as opposed to model, though, that's why I asked.

I know, well... I don't know (laughs).

I know you're repping Cuba, are you doing any music in Spanish?

I'm sure I will, not as of right now.

You do speak Spanish, though, right?


Will you head back to Cuba anytime soon?

I don't know, because its a mission. Last time I was there was 1999. Now my grandma's sick, she's really old, and about to pass away. The only way I would go is with my parents, and my mom and dad can't go because they were just there. They have to wait like three years, somebody passed that new law.

That's it, I wanted to spare you the butt questions and give you a regular interview for once. Any last thing to mention to the readers?

Go buy the magazine, its on newsstands.


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